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The ‘Do The Math’ NFT collectible is now available through Mintbase on the Near protocol. This ground-breaking Audio NFT is the first to bring dubplates to the blockchain. ‘Do The Math’ is a uniquely immersive body of work, blending positive, hard-hitting Hip Hop with 360 Still Motion (an audiovisual style developed/implemented by Symbolik) and 360 Virtual Reality video.

Prior to the release of the NFT, Symbolik presented supporters with an option to receive a personalized dubplate version of the ‘Do The Math’ NFT in which a handful of supporters were selected to receive customized dubplates. Those that received the personalized dubplates were NFT movers and shakers Black Dave, Kwame DarkMythst, Dedeukwu, Hanifah, Abi and Vandal.

Copies of the NFT from the first phase of this limited edition drop are still available. The ‘Do The Math’ Audio NFT will be released in three limited phases. The first phase is the still image Audio NFT, then the 360 Still Motion NFT and the third being the Video NFT.


The Audio NFT ‘Do The Math’ drops this Friday September 17th and will be available exclusively through Mintbase on the Near protocol. In support of the release there will be a Dao Drop exclusive interview with Producer C-Sol aka Peso Pesado as he discusses what went into producing the track and details of the NFT. The interview will take place 3:00 PM EST at Bittrees Plaza in Cryptovoxels (

The first in a series of listening parties took place Tuesday, September 14th on Spaces. Both Symbolik and C-Sol discussed the upcoming release and broke down the dubplate style personalized versions of the audio NFT made available for supporters. They also previewed the track Do The Math, playing the intros to a few of the personalized versions of the single. Symbolik is the first to incorporate the concept of dubplates into Audio NFTs, making personalized versions of the track for his supporters. He touched on how Hip Hop was created out of innovation and how he implements that innovative mindset into all his artwork. He also explained how the Do The Math NFTs will be released in three phases, the first being the still image Audio NFT, then the 360 Still Motion NFT and the third being the 360 Video NFT.

The next listening party takes place Thursday September 16th on Spaces. Follow Peso’s Beatery (@pesos_beatery) to access information as soon as it becomes available.

On set of the Do The Math video shoot.


Dropping this Friday, September 17th is the Audio NFT entitled Do The Math by Digital Creator/Emcee Symbolik and Producer C-Sol. In support of the Audio NFT, special incentives have been set up for members of the NFT community as a selected few will be gifted a personalized version of the collectible for their participation with the release. Those interested in participating are asked to DM Peso’s Beatery on Twitter or IG (@pesos_beatery) by Wednesday September 15th, 2021 to receive additional details regarding the drop.

‘We want to establish strong working relationships with the movers and shakers of the NFT community’ explained C-Sol. ‘In collaborating with us on the release of our Do The Math Audio NFT we will be providing opportunities for cross-promotion to a handful of artists.’

Do The Math will be released on the Near protocol with three different Audio NFT packages available (limited quantities) starting September 17th, 2021.

Listening parties have been scheduled on Clubhouse and Spaces for the week of September 12th in which Symbolik and C-Sol will discuss the process behind the production of the Audio NFT as well as the details regarding the different packages. Follow Peso’s Beatery (@pesos_beatery) to access information as soon as it becomes available.

Do The Math featuring Symbolik produced by C-Sol.
Symbolik on the set of the Do The Math video shoot.


The collaboration between the Digital Creator/Emcee known as Symbolik and Producer C-Sol has resulted in an Audio NFT offering that fuses various artistic elements, bringing to life the collectible, all-original, digital, musical masterpiece entitled Do The Math.

The track is 3 minutes and 35 seconds of hard hitting, up-tempo boom-bap, coupled with intelligent word play as Symbolik delivers lyrical food for thought. Navigating an aggressive bassline, vibrant piano loops and bright, soothing synths he references the current state of the world and the parallels between that and the perceived decline in consciousness within Hip Hop culture.

The NFT drops September 17th and consists of the audio track, 360 Still Motion art and a full-length 360 video. This digital packaging of the audio NFT is unique as it provides collectors with various artistic, original visuals that compliment the music. 360 Still Motion is a treatment developed by Symbolik in which he takes a still image frame from his 360 video, processes it, creating a scrolling effect in which the image is in constant motion. There will also be limited personalized versions (dubplates) of the track which will be made available for a few lucky supporters. There will be 3 different NFT packages set up at various price points.

‘It’s a great time to be an independent artist’ says Symbolik discussing the emerging NFT community. ‘NFTs are creating a lot of options, a lot of opportunities that weren’t there before for artists . With these NFTs, the artist is really only limited by their own creativity, their own imagination. It’s giving artists the control to deal directly with their audience. We’re working with the Near protocol. This is a crypto currency that is geared towards creatives. It’s a community of artists, musicians, creatives, a whole network that is thriving, building, creating and supporting one another. It’s amazing.’

Clubhouse and Spaces listening parties have been scheduled for the week of September 12th in which Symbolik and C-Sol along with special guests will premiere the track and discuss everything that went into putting together the music and visuals behind the NFT. They will also discuss how collectors can get their personalized version of the Audio NFT. More details regarding the NFT drop will be available shortly. Follow Peso’s Beatery (@pesos_beatery) to access information as soon as it becomes available.

Do The Math featuring Symbolik produced by C-Sol.
Behind the scenes, on set of the Do The Math video shoot.

It’s Like Riding A Bike By C-Sol aka Peso Pesado

The full length debut instrumental album by Producer C-Sol aka Peso Pesado is now available through various streaming platforms.

The album consists of 10 tracks all of which have a sound that was influenced mainly by the city of Toronto as well as the city of Medellin. If you listen to the album in its entirety, you’ll hear a range in different cultural influences from Boom Bap, Vallenato, Reggae to Electro-Pop and Funk.

It’s Like Riding A Bike – Streaming Directory 

It’s Like Riding  A Bike – YouTube 

ILRAB_cover_v2 - Copy

The Hip Pop Art Collective Presents The ‘In My Lifetime Collection’

IMLT Collection

TORONTO, ON – June 2017 – The Hip Pop Art Collective is proud to present a group exhibition featuring the work of Urban artists contributing to the theme of pop culture from a Hip Hop/Urban perspective. The ‘In My Lifetime Collection’ is currently on display at 206 Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market. The exhibit will feature a special gallery showcase on Pedestrian Sunday, June 25th 2017. Pedestrian Sunday is a monthly festival within Kensington Market where streets are closed to traffic, allowing for a more family-friendly experience.

Curators Colinout and Andre Alexander are two of the main contributing artists for this showcase which takes a look at Pop and Hip Hop culture-inspired works of art, exploring the parallels between the two genres. Both artists respectively have several years experience creating and presenting original artwork. Colinout has successfully organized gallery showcases featuring his impressive collection of Golden Era Hip Hop artwork and memorabilia. Andre Alexander is a street artist who gained an impressive following selling original artwork out of the back of his car. Alexander incorporates popular cartoon characters such as Cinderella, Mr. Burns and Loui V Sneeches onto canvas with bright, vibrant colours putting his own Canadiana spin on it, fusing images with Canadian currency as well as popular Toronto landmarks.

Both artists are looking to create a platform by which other artists, up and coming and/or established can get their artwork noticed. ‘We’re looking to build a collective of creative and talented artists so that every few months we can have these events, come together and put together a great show’ explains Colinout. ‘We want to deliver a great experience for art aficianados who might not have access to this style of art or this type of perspective on a regular basis.’

The gallery will also include artwork by Veronica Blanco, Junel Durrant, Alessandra Mancini, Kyle Burden, Komplex, Mando and Kevin McNeil. The ‘In My Lifetime Collection’ will run until the end of July. The artists will be present at the gallery showcase on June 25th, 2017 from 12:00pm until 7:00pm. For additional information please contact Colinout at


Hip Pop Art

In My Lifetime Collection

Peso’s Beatery

Di Antidote – Karamanti

TORONTO, ON – April 2012 – The latest release featuring independent Dancehall artist Karamanti is now available online.  The single was produced by Toronto based Producer/Promoter C-Sol aka Peso Pesado and is available for download.


Having dropped numerous mixtape projects, all of which have been very well received, Karamanti has established herself as an artist to watch for.  She is currently residing in Jamaica, working on her debut full length album while she continues recording original material and touring extensively throughout the Caribbean and North American.

Download Link:

There is a Jungle remix of the Di Antidote that will be made available online this May.  The remix was produced by underground Jungle Producer/DJ Sixteenarmedjack.


Watch for the upcoming release of the single Di Antidote by independent Dancehall artist Karamanti.  The single was produced by C-Sol aka Peso Pesado and will soon be available online.  Stayed tuned for updates of upcoming releases by Producer/Promoter C-Sol aka Peso Pesado.

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